Over the past 30 years of teaching this wonderful game to people of all ages, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to listen to, learn from, and be taught by some of the PGA’s best instructors and players. My teaching/coaching philosophy is based on PREPARATION. The golf swing is dynamic and occurs in under 2 seconds...not much time to do anything! But to achieve the highest probability of repeating the “perfect” swing, takes preparation. Preparation is the key if you’re just beginning the game, or if you’re a seasoned veteran in need of a quick fix to get you through that important match with your friends. The grip, posture, and alignment can all be customized to the individual. The ability to practice with purpose can be learned. Understanding the importance of the mental side of the game is a challenge for a lifetime. And with the innovations of computerized launch monitors and high speed cameras, ball contact and swing mechanics are easier to change and improve, more than ever. I look forward to the opportunity to share the things I’ve learned with you and to help you improve your game.

Tom Olson

Tom Olson, Teaching Professional
● Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan Professional Golf Management Major
● Assistant Professional at Ben Hogan’s Trophy Club, Roanoke, Texas
● Head Golf Professional at The Oshkosh Country Club
● Currently Reside in Oshkosh

 I am a 51 year old father of three, with a passion for golf, years of instruction experience, and a warmth for teaching people the game I love. It is an incredible honor to be teaching and coaching at Royal St. Patrick's Golf Academy. Please come and see what Royal St. Patrick's Golf Academy has to offer. 
To Book 920-410-3870  or email me at tom.rspga@gmail.com

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