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While our daily Crosswind Menu can be seen as up-scale bar food, we have the ability, and the logistics to elevate our cache. Here are some examples of what can be done:

      -  Five Course Craft Beer Plated Dinner Party

      -  After Work Heavy Hors and Cocktails Retirement Party

      -  Private Thanksgiving Dinner for All the Extended Relation

      -  Christmas Party for all your Employees

      -  First Communion Luncheon

      -  Plated or Heavy Hors Christmas Parties

      -  Wedding or Baby Shower Luncheon

      -  Wedding Receptions or Reception "pre-Party"

      -  Association Dinner and Meeting with Speaker

Planning Your Party / Banquet

You Have Party Questions, I Have Answers. Let Me Contact You.

The main clubhouse level, like the pictures represented on this page, can comfortably sit up around 120 if this is a formal sit down affair. If this is a casual party and mobility and mingling is the premise, you can add the 70 seat bar area as additional party space. Designed as open concept between dining room and bar area, your guests will feel extremely comfortable and never feel separated from the action. 

Adjoining the bar / dining room area is our buffet room. While some events opt for a plated meal if numbers are condusive, a vast majority will use the buffet room for their lunch, dinner or hors spread. This double sided feeds people fast an efficiently and acts as another great spot to mingle.  Don't feel limited simply by the Menus you see online. When you have a Chef, you can do just about anything!

One of the toughest things, is the duty of decision maker for a party or banquet. Where do we have it? How do we know they can handle it? How will the food be? How do we know if it's affordable? Will they be hospitable? When it comes down to it, you often just take a chance. You pick a place and just hope it turns out. 

​Most of the banquets or parties that Royal St. Patrick's hosts are the result of either being a loyal customer who knows how special our offerings are, or being the guest at one of our past functions and knowing first hand how great the experience is. If you are simply searching the web and you are throwing darts, you can't go wrong by choosing us. If you already know what Royal St. Patrick's can do, let this web page be a reminder and guide to what is possible. 

What's Possible?

Click button at the bottom. Tell us a date you have in mind, the number of people you expect, the kind of party you envision, the kind of meal and meal style you see the group enjoying, possibly even the budget you have to work with, but be realistic! Let us see if we can match your vision and if we are really good, we would even love to exceed it. As I said earlier, sometimes you just have to take a chance. Golf Course Owner Guy invites you to love Royal St. Patrick's. Call us 920-532-4300.

How To Get Started?

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