Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
920-532-4300                                                              in Wrightstown, Wisconsin



RSPGL offers competitive wages, FREE GOLF, performance bonuses, meals, discounts in the clubhouse, flexibility in schedule amongst other things, and most of all: an onsite owner who cares!

If you are the kind of person who has bounced around looking for your fit, this might be the place.  I’m ready to meet you! Come in, blow me away, let me show you how different we are. We need your skills; you need good money. Full time as well as part-time opportunity is available. Make this year special by working with someone who appreciates you and can offer perks and rewards that no other restaurant can match! 

Perks to working at RSPGL:

     - Events and Busy Days = lots of money to go around
     - Competitive wages
     - Learning all facets of hospitality business, not just one job
     - Free Golf
     - No “bar” hours meaning no late nights, ever!
     - Opportunity to network with community mover and shakers
     - Owner who is passionate, hands on, and cares
     - Managers who want to see you do well

Tasks would include but are not limited to: 

     - Prepping for your shift and days ahead for functions
     - General cooking of menu and other items
     - Help with the creation of specials
     - Cleaning on a regular basis
     - Putting food stocks away
     - Helping with ordering if necessary
     - Training of fellow employees
     - Ensuring product being served is up to our standards

Does making money, having fun, getting a tan and learning alot about business interest you? If so, and you think you could give RSPGL all of your time, treasure and talent, then fill out the online application (good), or email Bob (better), or stop in and fill out an application (best). We need each other.

Line Cook Positions

Our goal is to hire a develop a highly cross trained staff. Our vision is to have every bar employee be able to serve, drive beverage cart, bartend, bar back/help out, etc. We believe that this is the best recipe to success. We encourage you to become part of what we believe to be one of the best teams out there, at one of the best golf courses in the area.

Bartender / Server / Beverage Cart Positions

Ever considered cooking for one of the highest rated golf courses in the area? Why wouldn’t you want to work here? The reputation that Royal St. Patricks Golf Links (RSPGL) has built is one of quality, hospitality, hard work, & customer satisfaction. We are the best because we work with the best. Want to become part of the best team out there. This job might be for you!

To give you a little insight on what we do, we cater to a plethora of events over the course of the golf season. We do everything from golf outings (over 100 last year) to bridal/baby showers and birthday parties. We do creative themed dinners along with serving a strong menu with over 65 items. 

What if we told you that you could drive a cart, talk about our golf course, do a little promoting, sell some product, and people would almost literally throw money at you? Would you jump at the opportunity to work in the bright summer sunshine with fun people at one of the premiere golf courses in the area?  What about serving some really awesome food in a comfortable sports bar setting? How about making someone’s day by making the perfect cocktail after a long round on the course. My last question is, why wouldn’t you? If you answered yes to any of these Royal St. Patricks Golf Links should warrant some consideration.

What we’re looking for:

    - Someone who could be passionate about the culinary scene

    - Inexperienced is fine, we have a great training system
    - Creative people looking to make a niche for themselves
    - People eager to earn responsibility
    - People who show dedication to their position and employer
    - A lot of people have put themselves through college doing this
    - A good attitude is a must
    - The ability to be punctual for your shift 

Restaurant Jobs

What we are looking for:

     - Fun and energetic people
     - Selfless ability to promote our brand
     - True "people" person
     - Ability to be a team player
     - People who can put the customer needs above their own
     - Individuals who smile and have a "servants heart"
     - People with tons of flexibility and want to work
     - For you to portray a great image and class