Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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One of the most considerate things you can do for a golf course and your fellow lovers of golf, is to cancel your tee time or reduce your number of players if something comes up. Tee times are like airline seats. We hope you are on our flight, but planes taking off with seats reserved, but no butts in the seats hurts golf course revenue and is extremely disappointing to people who were turned away. No one appreciates your booking more than me, but one thing I love just as much: is your cancellation, if you just can't make it. Call 920-532-4300 to reduce numbers or cancel your tee time.

Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links books online tee times 7 days in advance. Tee times can be booked further in advance, but they require a call to the Golf Shop 920-532-4300, and may require holding a credit card if it is a request for multiple tee times. 

While the Online Booking Engine is good, it can't always convey all the options,and all the openings that are available in a given day. For instance, it cannot convey 9 hole play off the Back 9 in the early morning, or 9 Hole play available before before Leagues, or 18 Hole opportunities before events. If you see your desired time, please go ahead and book. If you don't see your desired time, I would always encourage you to call the Golf Shop 532-4300. We know people love Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links. We want to find a way for you to play. 

Canceling is Encouraged...Huh???

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