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Crosswind Cater has 4 different packages, though "Wrap It Up" is by far the fan favorite. All our wraps, sandwiches, pasta salads and potato salads are made in house, and our cookies are baked right here. We would like to serve a minimum of 20 people, and 48 hour advance notice will ensure the best results. Click on the button below to see all 4 menus. Then call or email Nick. 

Businesses in the Wrightstown / Kaukauna / DePere corridor have very limited options for where they can order food for their meetings / employees. Tasty lunch, at an affordable price, delivered on time, is what we can do very well. Shannon at ProAmPac and Micheala at Print Pro have been some of our early adopters. They have used the service, and helped us refine our offerings. 

With 4 distinct menus to choose from, we can be one of the bullets in your gun, when you need to feed all the troops. Better yet, we make it so easy! Keep reading...

​​Business Lunch Catering

Why Crosswind Cater Makes Sense?

Before I became Golf Course Owner Guy, I worked at an Electrical Supply company, a Solvent Based Paint Factory, and as Trust Accountant for ESOP's. All things necessary for becoming a great golf course owner! In my winters there, I gained an understanding that large businesses like these have SAFETY MEETINGS, TEAM BUILDING, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, ORIENTATIONS, REWARDS FOR SO MANY DAYS WITHOUT INJURY, QUARTERLY REVENUE GOALS MET, etc. All of these "occasions" meant that the business leaders really needed to order lunch for everyone involved. Oh God, not pizza again!

Variety and Location

What Are The Crosswind Cater Options? 

How To Use Crosswind Cater?

No one has ever been hired at a company to be the "Lunch Coordinator". It's probably one of the most annoying duties that someone is forced to do. Who delivers, will it be hot, will they send enough, are they going to write down the order right, will they bill correctly, will they be on time, etc? 

Here is how it works for Crosswind Cater: 

  • Click the GREEN button above, you are emailing Nick or call 920-532-4300
  • What is the date, (a few days notice is always necessary, especially in winter months)
  • Choose from one of our 4 packaged menu options
  • Tell Nick how many people we are feeding
  • Tell Nick what time to drop it off, and where

That's It! Total Satisfaction! Delivered On Time! We'll email you a bill. 

Crosswind Grille is a corporate lunch caterer to many of the area businesses that encircle the Golf Links periphery.  Quality food, affordable prices, easy system of ordering and delivery make it a no-brainer.