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How Does It Work?

What Can I Expect on Sunday?

Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links Men's Golf Group

There is no cost to joining Cannonball, you click on the gray link right below this sentence, fill in form and you are on list.

Cannonball plays a scripted schedule of 11 summer Sunday mornings beginning at 7:30am. Sometimes we do tee times, when the group is bigger, we do shotguns. It's about getting done in 4 hours and getting on to the rest of your commitments. If you have no commitments, then hanging out having beers and talking smart is pretty good too. 

Cannonball is run by two loyal RSPGL customers, Dave Anderson and Bruce Bishop. Both gentleman love golf. When they discovered their circle of friends was just not big enough to enjoy all the golf they wanted to play. They knew if they made more friends who loved golf, they could play more. Cannonball was born from this idea.

But why such a weird name? Over a plate of chicken wings I asked Bruce and Dave, what we should call this new group of golf lovers? Bruce blurted out "Cannonball". We all sat there dazed and confused by the incredibly stupid name. Then three seconds later, we concluded, "why the hell not" and resumed eating our wings.  

Sunday Morning 18 Hole League

You have committed and arrived. Cannonball players will receive a special Golf & Cart rate of $45.00 + tax. Players generally chip in $5 - $10 for side games.  Money will be divided amongst the team game, skins and greenies. Different tees allowed for the different handicap abilities! Lots of ways to win. Prior to tee off, captains will establish foursomes. Meet your teammates and head for the Links.

After play is complete, teams will meet in Crosswind, enjoy a beer or sandwich, pay out the winnings, tabulate team points and wonder about "what could have been".

​It will be important for everyone to have a handicap of some kind. If you have a WSGA handicap, that is great. If you have a league handicap here, that is great too. If you don't have either, please come with a brief score history so we can establish something to make the games equitable. The goal is not to be perfect, it's to be fun and fair. The group will play different tees, different formats, etc. If you like to complain about handicaps, I'm not sure you will have as much fun as you should. 

Cannonball will be divided into two teams for the season. These two teams will play varying formats competing to be the season long winning team. Teams will be captained by Dave and Bruce.  Players interested in Cannonball will be asked to attend one of our two "play-in" dates at beginning of season. They will also be asked to commit to a minimum of 4 of the 7 summer Match dates. These encompass the first 9 dates, the remaining two dates are optional matches against Mid Valle golf course. RSPGL players can travel to Mid Valle in late May to take them on in Ryder Cup style event. Mid Valle will travel here in late August for a similar match on our turf. 

By having COMMITMENTS, we can guarantee great participation, more points, more compelling matches, more comradery, more unity, more fun. To be part of Cannonball, we are asking for you to commit to FIVE of our ELEVEN dates. 

Why Cannonball?

What happens when you want to play golf, but none of your friends or family can play? The most likely answer is: you sit home. What if there were other people just like you looking to play golf? All we need is a mechanism to bring you together with those other people. We have that; CANNONBALL is it's name. Cannonball is Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links men's golf group. With a small minimal commitment, let Cannonball introduce you to other players just like you, players who want to play with you, and have fun playing golf just like you.  Open to anyone!

In Summary

When Do We Play?

What Is Cannonball?

* If Your Friends Can't Play, Come Play With Us

* Small Season Long Commitment

* Sunday Mornings, 7:30am. We Play Fast!

* Any Ability Welcome, We Play Team Games Where Everyone Can Contribute

* RSPGL Gives Us a Great Rate, Prime Time Access & Special Course Conditioning

* Play From Tees That Match Your Ability

* Super Fun and You Play With People Who Love Golf

* Lots of Ways To Win 

* Follow Blog of Golf Course Owner Guy, he Loves To Talk About It