Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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While Royal St. Patrick's Golf Academy has the ability to order clubs from many manufacturers, our relationship with the Titleist product remains the strongest. Thanks to a dynamic relationship with our local rep, and the owner and golf professional of RSPGL being a Titleist Staff Player, we can provide quick service and great expertise. 

When you are ready to buy your next club or next set of clubs, I would strongly encourage you to consider Titleist, but more important than that, I would highly recommend you buy those clubs through Nick Stephens at Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links.

Good players know exactly how long their clubs are, what degree they are bent, where the kick point in their shaft is. Marginal players say they’re not good enough to care about those types of things. The question is: Did good players get good by figuring out all their specs and improving all their equipment, or did they just suddenly get good? Think about this question and how it might relate to your improvement. 


Many of you know about the Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Academy here at RSPGL. You know about Tom's separate studio building at the Range, and you may have even experienced the Foresight Launch Monitor that is in that building. What you may not know, is that we can easily fit, and sell clubs in this studio in summer or winter. The people who have been fitted this winter have said it's as good, if not better than being fit outside. No wind, good lies, warm, and no freaking out over bad ball flight. What's even better are the prices. I can't compete with Internet and all the places you can find clubs, you can go that route but buyer beware! Combine the incredible amount of fitting equipment we have, the expertise in our people and the desire to make golfers better, its adds to one hell of an experience. Contact Tom at 920-410-3870 or email him at