Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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Packed Full of "Nick's Hints" 

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Outing Coordinator Checklist

After Two Decades of Running Outings & Events, Nick Has Assembled This Four Page Manual To Help You Get Your Golf Outing Started or Make Your Current One Better.

*Manual Will Provide Tons Of Great Information. Beware...Just Because Royal St. Patrick's Believes in Certain Philosophies, Doesn't Mean Other Courses Will. They Were To Lazy To Write You A Manual, I Wasn't. 


  • The Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself
  • The Questions You Should Be Asking The Golf Course
  • How To Understand Your Costs
  • How To Imagine Your Revenues
  • ​How To Establish a Structure That Gets Your Event Filled
  • Timelines To Determine Plans Of Attack