Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
920-532-4300                                                              in Wrightstown, Wisconsin



9 Holes                    $6.00**                 $6.00**


Please NOTE Our Senior Age Has Been Moved to 62+

9 Holes                                $10.00 per person      

** Parent / Child Special - $6.00 is a per person rate. Father and daughter playing would be $12.00.  ​Parent / Child Rate is good 7 days a week and child or children must 17 or under. 

Seniors / Juniors                

Unique Links Style

- Smooth Fast Greens

-Hands Down, Best Fairways Around

- Tight Prototype Grass Tees, 5 Sets

- 87 Strategic Bunkers

- Pot Bunkers for Character

- Safe, No Parallel Fairways

- Quiet, Clean Electric Carts

- Continuous Paved Cart Paths

- No Ruts, No Dust, No Barespots

- No Leaves, No Tree Roots

- Best Practice Facility Around

- Shark Experience - NEW


Daily / Seniors / Juniors                  GOOD 7 DAYS A WEEK

19 Holes                   $24.00*                 $24.00*


Daily Play                    WEEKDAY            WEEKEND/HOLIDAY

9 Holes                    $16.00*                 $16.00*


Win 12 Rounds For FREE!

Winners Drawn Monthly

Single      $275

- Beverage Cart Always On Course

- Snack Shop at Turn

- Detail Orientated Golf Shop Staff

- Player Assistants For Pace

- Warm Inviting Clubhouse

- Delicious Food and Beverage Service

- Clean & Organized Facilities

- Intelligent, Tenured Staff

- Golf Course Owner Guy on Site

Most Importantly, THANKFULNESS. We Know You Could Go Anywhere


It's not uncommon for a golf course to have a posted rate, and then 20 "other" rates, that they actually charge. Aggravating. It's like their posted rate was merely arbitrary, or maybe a dream. A rate they hoped they would get, but they never offer enough value to actually make that rate justifiable. When you "check" our rates, make sure you take into consideration the value we ACTUALLY provide:

Range Passes 

Parent / Child After 5:30pm           

19 Holes                   $26.00                 $26.00

* Seniors / Juniors - Seniors (Age 62+), Juniors (up to age 17), Monday - Friday and Saturday, Sundays, Holidays after 2:00pm. 

9 Holes                    $22.00                 $24.00

Daily Rates

Twilight After 4pm                 

Family       $350

Group events will receive PREFERRED pricing based on month of year, day of week, time of day, number of people and total spend in both golf and food and beverage. If you are coordinating an event, please see our outings page and let's begin working on your event.

Twilight After 4pm              

19 Holes                  $34.00                 $39.00

19 Holes                              $18.00 per person      

19 Holes                              $14.00 per person