Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
920-532-4300                                                              in Wrightstown, Wisconsin



We look for 6 Traits. Friendliness, Enthusiam, Caring, Respect, Encouragement, and Thankfulness. If you have these traits, please explore the opportunities below and reach out to me or 920-532-4300 or my managers and tell them you want to join our team. We also post many of our jobs on INDEED. Check out our listings. 

Hank Koss, Superintendant


Seasonal Golf Jobs in Wrightstown

We Are Only As Good As The People We Hire

Golf Shop

Bob Novitski, Head Chef


Food & Beverage

Riley Pues, Golf Operations Manager


My name is Nick Stephens, PGA. I am also Golf Course Owner Guy and Royal St. Patrick's seasonal golf jobs employ over 60 people each season to serve our guests. Imagine a Landscape Company, A Recreation Company and Restaurant / Banquet Facility all working together to create an amazing experience. Yes, it can be difficult, but what is so amazing, is that we have so many "different" opportunities for so many different kinds of people.  Maybe after looking into our website, you will learn that we have something for you.

I invite you to explore many seasonal golf jobs in Wrightstown. We don't just hire in March and train in April. I tell my people we are always looking, we are always hiring, and we are always training. We plug gaps for some, we are the conduit to pay for college for a few, we offer a way to ease into retirement for others, and we provide full on careers for the exceptional.

Grounds & Greens