Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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Stereoscopic Vision - Just like human eyes, Foresights advanced, high definition camera systems are engineered to work together - emulating depth perception and three dimesnsional acuity with unprecedented accuracy. Together, CG2 delivers the most accurate ball and club head performance data available today.

Object Tracking Intelligence -  Foresight's advanced, high speed tracking system visually recognizes the event of club impact to know precisely when to record a shot. The result is a consistent and highly reliable data capturing mechanism wiht unmatched accuracy.

Foresight w/ Head Measurement Technology

We are happy to bring you Wisconsin's only Foresight CG2 Launch Monitor with HMT (Head Measurement Technology) available to the golfing public. The Launch Monitor is utilized in all our golf instructional programs and club fitting. The use of this technology is what sets Royal St. Patrick's Golf Academy apart from other area golf courses. Not only is our golf course unique, but so are our teaching and clubfitting programs. Come and experience the latest in golf technology. 

Simulator - The final and most exciting piece to Foresight CG2 / HMT is the easy conversion to a full on Simulator. In time for winter, all data will be captured while playing any one of 84 loaded golf courses. An incredible vision of your golf ball traveling down the fairway, and the data to support the accuracy of strike. It is so much fun to play courses and get the statistics of club and ball feedback while you play. 

HMT or Head Measurement Technology - Unlike other technologies that derive club head performance from indirect analysis, (meaning algorithms based on ball flight performance), HMT uses the same proven camera based approach to perform analysis. Easily applied position indicators (reflector stickers) on the club head insure all club head data is captured. Every club can be tracked from lob wedge to driver. It works on mats and grass, indoors and outdoors. CG2 & HMT can measure 22 different ball parameters including, carry distance, total distance, ball speed, revolutions, spin rates, club head velocity, swing path, attack angle, club face angle, smash factor, dynamic loft at impact, dynamic lie at impact, impact position on clubface, etc.

Valley's Only CG2 Launch Monitor

Data Capture: Foresight provides incredible charts, averages, analytics and trends to help you better understand what your club head and ball have been doing. Use these tools for practice sessions, experimentation, and grooving a repeatable move. All data can be saved and sent to you through your smartphone, so you can watch your own improvement.