Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links

                                                                                                                               in Wrightstown, Wisconsin


* Divorce Night

Friday Night Couples League

How Couples League Works?

* Swingers Night

* Three Club Scramble

* If playing 8 weeks is too much commitment, get on the Sub List. Couples 

      often need Subs, its a great way to play with a little less committment

Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links Men's Golf Group

  1. Couples League Guarantees You 8 Date Nights a Year 
  2. Couples League Ensures At Least One of You Is Having Fun Because You Are Golfing, As Opposed To When Neither of You Are Having Fun, Like When You Go To The Farmers Market
  3. Couples League Provides Excercise and Relaxation. OK I Lied, Maybe Playing Golf With Your Spouse Is Not Relaxing. 
  4. Couples League is FUN! There Are No Serious Formats, So There Is No Need To Get Worried About Performing Badly (On The Golf Course That Is)
  5. ​At Couples League You End Up Meeting People That Are Just Like You, Maybe Even More Interesting Than You, Which Makes Your Golf And Your Dinner After Really FUN!

How To Sign Up?

* Wife Swap

* If you cannot make it a particular week, its important that you find a couple

     to sub in your place. It's never good to leave the couple who was expecting 

     to play with someone, playing by themself

* Ladies Night

If you have friends that might be interested in playing Couple League, we encourage you to get them together and join. Generally we take about 16 couples, but we have taken up to 22 in the past. 

If you think you would only like to be a Sub, please contact Riley so we can get you on the Sub List. 


Yearly dues to belong to Couples League is $50 for the couple. This fee is designed for general administration and the weekly prize pool.

Each week, green fee is $20 per person if you want to walk, with a special League Only cart fee price of $6.00 if you care to ride

* All Hands on Deck

Why this happens....after playing two hours with a couple, it just seems like the next logical thing is to go in and have a drink together. Once you are having the drink together, you decide to eat together. By the end of the summer you are sitting in huge tables with all the other couples having dinner. It's cool how golf can pull people together! 

* Each week you will be paired with a new couple in a format where you working

     with each other or against each other or the rest of the group

Formats Couples League Enjoys

Just About Every Couple in The Past Takes Advantage of the RSPGL Friday Night Golf & Fish Special. $32 per person for 9 Holes / Cart / Anything Off Menu.  

Not That Couples!

Like I said, we have good time!

* Tee Times are between 4:28 and 5:32, and you will receive a set schedule

* Shot Callers

​If you are interested in joining our Friday Night Couples League, please click on the bottom below or call 532-4300 and contact Riley, the Golf Operations Manager.

5 Reasons You Need Couples League

What It Costs?

* We play 8 Friday nights beginning in mid-May and running through late Aug