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Friday Night Menu

If you're routine is watching a game while you eat, we have TV's too. If your routine is a quiet night with your spouse, I think the deck would be fantastic. If your routine is a huge portion, we have huge portions. If your routine is something light, we have that too. If you're routine doesn't include fish, our entire Crosswind menu is available. If your routine involves the kids, we have kids meals. If you're routine is meeting friends, our bar is huge and we can seat large tables easily. If your routine involves beer, we offer a huge selection. But..................if your routine often ends with poor service, sub standard food, lack of hospitality, and an overall disappointment, maybe we are just the place to get you out of that routine.  

Chef Bob treats Friday Nights as a unique opportunity to showcase his creativity and culinary skills. It's a night where artistry collides with a flavor explosion. Between our delicious staples which you can see to the right, and the monthly feature items that Chef concocts, you will truly be experiencing something new, without leaving your comfort zone. Golf Course Owner Guy says you will be breaking the routine!

Crosswind is not some dark dingy establishment, with 70's decor, and a couple windows that merely face the crumbled parking lot, or offer a tremendous view of the air conditioner unit or garbage stockade. You will not be packed 4 deep around a 12 seat bar, or sat at large aluminum tables.  Crosswind Grille is a modern building, with modern amenities. It sits on a elevated position with its 78 glass windows overlooking 500 acres of natural area including the Golf Links. It's bar comfortably seats 50, and bar area another 20. Enjoy dinner in our spacious, well lit dining room or venture outside to our covered veranda dining deck and enjoy sunset while you eat. I know it sounds so different than the usual place...if you could only break the routine.  

If it's Wisconsin, then Friday Night means Fish Fry. I know, you're thinking just another golf course trying to pull off a mediocre Fish Fry. Friday Night is our opportunity to do something out of the ordinary. It's a night to jazz up the dining room. It's a night to see the creativity from our chef. It's a night where a pretty young hostess will show you to your table, possibly a table on the dining deck over looking the Links. It's a night where we fly in fresh perch and cover it with our very unique breading. It's a night for fun, let's face it, the weekend is in front of us!

FREE Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert with Every Fish Fry, Thanks for the Biz!

Wisconsin Fish Fry with FLARE! 

Fish Plates served with choice of potato*, homemade coleslaw, tarter sauce, lemon, swirl rye bread and butter​

House Chips            American Potato Salad

​Garlic Chive Mashed Potatoes           Waffle Fries            Baked Potato

Change It Up, Try Crosswind Fish Fry...

Thanks for Dining in 2019!

Current Friday Features

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