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Each Friday Fun Night is it's own Individual event. Find the dates that work best for you, click on that button below and SIGN UP. If you are ready to commit to playing in the first 5 and we'll make sure your 6th one is FREE. Email Riley or call Riley 920-532-4300 to make the full season commitment, he will do one transaction instead of you having to click button and do the process 6 times.

Friday Fun Nights       Couples League Idea Expanded...

5 Reasons You Need Friday Fun Nights

What It Costs?

How Friday Fun Night Works?

Why It Better Work?

Six Friday Nights throughout the summer, we will hold "A Friday Fun Night". Geared towards Couples, Families, and anybody looking to enjoy 9 Holes / Cart / Dinner. 

Friday Fun Nights are essentially small organized competition nights, where participants SIGN UP in advance, get assigned a tee time, and everyone participants in our little format. Don't freak out, these are FUN formats for all ages and skill levels. 

Friday Fun Nights are a low cost way for Couples to have date nights, Families to affordably recreate together, or simply groups of Friends to get together to enjoy golf and dinner.

Deadline for Sign Up will be Wednesday evening (two days before) the Friday Fun Night Event. Tee Times will be assigned and emailed on Thursday. Show up Friday...and just like a cool little outing, your cart and all the paperwork needed will be ready to go. 

Head out, play golf, have some cocktails, enjoy the sunset, and then head into Crosswind Grille and order dinner.  

Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links Men's Golf Group

  1. Great Date Night Sign... Up As a Couple, We Pair You With Another Couple
  2. Make it a FAMILY Friday Fun Night, Register Parents and Kids and get Special Pricing
  3. Formats are Relaxed and Friendly Towards All Ages and Skill Levels 
  4. No Season Long Commitment, Register For The Weeks That Fit Your Schedule. Easy To Jump In and Out, It's Meant To Be Flexible
  5. ​Make a Commitment to 5 Nights and 6th is FREE

* Couples in "Couples League" told us an 8 week commitment was too much, OK, we made it 6 weeks instead, you can even skip weeks and then jump back in when it fits your schedule.

* There was sometimes an uneasiness about playing with strangers, problem solved, why don't you just book your own foursome for the evening. Get a whole bunch of friends and book multiple foursomes.

* If you felt that it would be fun to be able to play as a FAMILY, sign up as a FAMILY. I have a family and we are a family place. 

How To Sign Up?

Type your paragraph here.

9 Holes Golf / Cart / Dinner (per event):

​       $34.00 per person

Book a Foursome For An Event:

        $120 for all four (nice little savings)