Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
920-532-4300                                                              in Wrightstown, Wisconsin



- Fresh Bruschetta

​- Cheese & Sausage Trays

- Fresh Vegetable Trays

- Buffalo Wings

- Avocado Toasts

- Buffalo Chicken Sliders

- Prosciutto & Melon Skewers

13.00 per person 

           -  Select SIX items from TIER 1

15.00 per person

          -  Select FOUR items from TIER 1, and TWO items                       from TIER 2

17.50 per person

         -   Select THREE items for TIER 1, ONE item from                         TIER 2, and TWO items from TIER 3

Mushroom blend cooked in white wine and spices accompanied by feta cheese wrapped in flaky phyllo dough

Tier 2

Pork cutlets sauteed crispy & topped with a mushroom & Dijon cream sauce

10oz Sirloin steak topped with a tangy mustard and breadcrumb coating

SMOKED CHICKEN ROULADE                         20.00

- Swedish or BBQ Meatballs

- Fresh Fruit Display

- Antipasto Skewer

- Tuscan Flatbreads

- Hummus w/ Pita Chips

- Rustic Baguette / Dipping Oils

- Fresh Chips & Salsa

- Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

- Sesame Ginger Chicken Skewers

- Bacon Wrapped Fig

- Mini Club Sandwiches

​- Lemon Dill Salmon Canapes

- Shrimp Cocktail

- Kale and Artichoke Dip

- Southwest Eggrolls

​- Lamb Meatballs w Mint Cream

PORK SCALLOPINI                                     21.00

FILET MIGNON                                  Market Price

Tier 1

RIB EYE STEAK                                 Market Price

8oz prime beed filet with a mushroom and red wine jus lie'

All Entrees Served With Our House Salad, Fresh Manderfield's Bakery Dinner Rolls and Choice of TWO Sides:

       - Garlic Chive Mashed Potato

       - Potato Salad

       - Sage Dressing

       - Wild Rice Blend

       - Herbed Baby Red Potatoes

       - Baked Potato

       - Maple Glazed Carrots

       - Mixed Squash with Red Peppers

       - Asparagus with Hollandaise

       - Garlic Green Beans

       - Sauteed Broccoli Cuts

       - Roasted Root Vegetable Blend

BAKED ATLANTIC HADDOCK                       18.00

- Bacon Wrapped Scallops

- Tenderloin Sliders

- Goat Cheese & Bacon Jam Costinis

- Smoked Salmon Display

- Smoke Trout Canapes

- Seared Ahi Tuna w/ Ginger Sauce

- Jerk Shrimp Skewers

- Baked Brie Bites w/ Apricot




HERB CRUSTED SIRLOIN                              25.00

Baked white fish and lemon beurre blanc

"Want To Do Your Own Combination? We Can Figure Out a Price. Let Your Imagination Run Wild"

MUSHROOM & FETA STRUDEL                    19.00

Moist chicken breasts with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella drizzled with brown butter

CHICKEN SALTIMBOCA                                21.00

Boneless chicken stuffed with pepper bacon, mushrooms, spinach & goat cheese, rolled and hickory smoked

10oz grilled to perfection

Tier 3