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Golf Instruction / Lessons

I might not be the most flexible person to schedule with...I do have a few other responsibilities around here (wink,wink)...but I love the opportunity to teach. I've never had a student who didn't have fun, and I'm willing to do exactly what you want. Band aids before a member-guest, let's do it. Can't get out of a bunker, let's head to the beach. Three putting like crazy, maybe it's your philosophy. Need a total swing rebuild, I'm game for that...but you better be game for that. That takes work. 

I like to imagine what it would be like if everyone who struggles was humble enough to ask for help, and what if I could fix every request. A golf utopia, and so many happy loyalists. 

 $100 for 45 minutes. Remember, you'd pay a plumber the same for 5 minutes and no fun. 

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The Instructor

You clicked on this page because you want to improve, so what are you waiting for? Royal St. Patrick's is the Fox Valley's premier place for Learning & Practice.  Centrally located, easy to get to, we currently boast a beautiful practice range, great turf, new balls yearly, fantastic targets, multiple putting greens, huge practice bunker, double sided tee box, Championship golf course, practice hole, junior programs, Titleist clubfitting specialists, regripping, trial sets, demo days,  and indoor hitting area.

​Let's figure out how we can help you improve...

Instruction is provided by me... Nick Stephens... a 18 year PGA Professional, thousands of lesson given, and even better yet...the owner of the Golf Links, the mind behind the Tales From the Tall Grass articles, and great blog As the owner...I have some added incentive to make sure I turn out golfers who enjoy the way they play.  I clearly want you to golf, and golf a lot. People golf more when they play good golf, it's not a revolutionary concept. ​​

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