Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
920-532-4300                                                              in Wrightstown, Wisconsin



* WARM HOSPITALITY Means You Feel Welcome, Valued and Appreciated, Just Ask Golf Course Owner Guy

Move Your Existing League Here

Benefits Included:

     *  Commitment To Ensure Seamless Move From Prior Course 

     *  Course Conditions Are Better Than Place You Just Came From

     *  Affordable Pricing on Green Fees, Carts, Beer, etc. 

     *  Superior Communication and Organization With Coordinator

     *  Adaptability To How Your League and Your People Move

     *  Royalty Club Membership Discounts for Golf and F&B 

     *  Royalty Discounts for Friends and Family Too

     *  Ability to Rotate 9's and Tees Each Week

     *  No Tee Time Conflicts, No Jerking Around

     *  FREE Mid Season Cookout Party

     *  Assistance in Hole Event, Games or Skins Sub Events

     *  Quiet and Clean Golf Carts

     *  Two Beverage Carts on Course Every Evening

     *  Crosswind Pub and Grille Open Every Evening

     *  Grille Menu That is Better Than Any Place You Came From

     *  Young Fun Bartenders Looking to Party 

     *  Incredible League Manager Riley Pues Takes Care Of You

     *  Access To Teaching Professioanl Tom Olson 

* IMMACULATE LINKS CONDITIONING Means The Course Looks Better, Feels Better and Our Players Play Better

Benefits From RSPGL League Participation?

Your team consistently focuses on customer satisfaction and does a great job. You should be proud of the operation you run at Royal St. Patrick’s

​                  -Chuck Cucullu

* ROYALTY CLUB Means You, Your Friends & Family Will Never Have To Pay Full Price For Golf, Food Or Beverages

They know my name; most of the team in the clubhouse greet me by my first name.  It’s something small, but it shows they’ve at least taken the time to recognize the folks who come out for league every week & the occasional Sunday round when they can get away from the kids. Eric puts a ton of effort into making League go smoothly.  Through the good weather & bad and all the head-aches that come with running a league, it shows.  It helps make the league more enjoyable and a big reason why we’ve played league there for 3 years since moving into the Fox Valley.  I started out playing multiple Leagues when I moved down here and as time has forced me to scale back to one league, RSP was the easy choice.  

​                                                                                                                                                                   -Nick Coenen

Benefits Included:

     *  Play Early May to Early September

     *  Monday and Tuesday Nights

     *  Between 4:00 and 5:30 Tee Times

     *  2 Man Teams, and You Always Play With Your Partner

     *  Royalty Club Membership Discounts for Golf and F&B

     *  Royalty Discounts for Friends and Family Too

     *  Rotate 9's and Tees Each Week

     *  Pre-printed Official Scorecards Each Week

     *  Dedicated "League Website" with Weekly Results

     *  Weekly Skins and Blind Bogey Games

     *  "Spread the Wealth" Payout Structure

     *  WSGA Inspired Handicaps for Level Playing Field

     *  Flexible Scheduling if You Work Later Than Others

     *  "Send Anyone" Sub Policy

     *  97% Attendance Participation Rates

     *  Wide Range of Ages and Abilities in Each League

     *  Quiet and Clean Golf Carts

     *  Two Beverage Carts on Course Every Evening

     *  Crosswind Pub and Grille Open Every Evening

     *  Join As a Sub if You Can't Make Full Commitment

     *  Incredible League Manager Riley Pues Takes Care Of You

     *  Access To Teaching Professional Tom Olson.

* FUN ATMOSPHERE Means All Our Staff and All Our Amenities Are Aimed To Create Pleasure and Satisfaction

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