Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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Example of Common Meeting Itineraries

Royal St. Patrick's has an extremely private meeting room located on the upper level. This room can comfortably accommodate up to 40 people depending on the style of set-up. In the pictures above you will see the most common set-up which is the Executive "U", which can comfortably seat up to 24 people. Other set-ups include Classroom style with tables facing the front of the room and Theater style with no tables, just chairs aligned in a theater set-up with an aisle down the middle. If the meeting is much larger, and we have done meetings in excess of 100 people, we would consider the main level of the clubhouse. Depending on time of year, sometimes access to main level can be limiting, but we are good at working things out!

The south side of room has wonderful natural light which can be dimmed, and the north side of room, has a string of impressive windows overlooking the dining room below, and a birds eye view looking out over the Golf Links. A wonderful distraction at any of your bathroom breaks. The rest of room is generous in size and warm in feel. A terracada color covers two walls, and on those walls hangs some wonderful Golf Champions photos. Just enough to make the room interesting, not enough to become a distraction.

There is one main entrance to the room, but there is also a kitchen direct access door, so anytime we are doing meals in the room, we can easily get in and out without being a distraction. One corner in back of room is usually dedicated to any food or beverage requirements. We offer a large screen for any projector needs as well as a dry erase and paper easel board.  

Not uncommon to have an 8:30 start to the meeting and a small continental breakfast awaiting the arriving guests in the room. After the morning meeting, attendees retreat to lower level where there is a Deli Buffet awaiting. After a relaxed lunch, the golfing attendees are whisked to their pre-arranaged carts and clubs where a great afternoon on the Links commences. More popular with businesses trying to fit everything into a work day.

Meetings in Champions Loft

Morning Meeting / Lunch / Golf

Again, Meetings Here Don't Have to Include Golf, It Just Seems Like They Should, Because The Place is So Great!

What We Offer?

For the last 16 years, businesses, associations, clubs, committees, boards,  etc have been using our space to conduct high level business, earn continuing education, enhance team building, debut products, lift moral, close deals, solve problems or simply to relish past successes.  

This meeting formula seems stronger with associations or clubs. Attendees can work the morning then take the afternoon off to attend this gathering. Arrival moves directly into a Buffet Lunch in the main dining room. Once complete, attendees will again retreat to their staged carts and clubs all prepared for their golf course journey. Completion of golf will be met with light appetizers or dinner, before group convenes in upstairs room to accomplish their dedicated meeting goals. 

Are you looking for an easy to get to, meeting location located halfway between Appleton and Green Bay? The Royal St. Patrick's Clubhouse is the perfect blend of off site retreat, combined with flexible spaces and all the appropriate hospitality to make your group feel comfortable and relaxed.

Lunch / Golf / Appetizers / Meeting

While the sky is the limit with regards to how you want to arrange your meeting day, let me give you a couple common itineraries that we see executed: ​​​

If you like what you see and you are ready to learn more or book your meeting, please call Nick aka Golf Course Owner Guy at 920-532-4300 or simply click the button to the right and get the dialogue started. 

Who and Why?

We have no concrete pricing, and take each function on a case by case basis. We weigh the kind of day and expenditure you are making, and price according to that support. To give an example: If you simply want to use the room and provide a small breakfast and a few beverages, we will most likely include a small room charge. If you are going to do all those things, then everyone have lunch, then have a bunch of people golf all afternoon, and the group enjoys complimentary beverages; let's just say the room charge becomes less important. Since you are using many of our services, I can do things to appreciate the business.  

What Might This Cost?