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Everything But The Kitchen Sink With Chef Bob... 

Another thing we take pride in here at Crosswind is variety. After all, it is the spice of life. We break down our menu yearly, and take a close look at what’s moving across the board. We make changes and adapt to new styles and trends. That keeps it fun for both of us. Chef Bob  enjoys being creative and keeping things from getting stagnant. 

The Daily Menu is not his only creation. We are diverse in our capabilities and offerings. Chef Bob dazzles Friday Night Fish patrons, he constantly re-invents our banquet fare and can conjure up any special lunch, dinner or appetizer depending on the party request.

Food, where does one start? Where does it come from? How did it get here? Why are we serving that? These are all questions we ask ourselves here. We want to buy from the most reliable purveyors possible. How does the customer benefit? Consistency, that means when you walk through the door the 1st or the 100th time, we still have what you’re craving. 

Crosswind Sports Pub & Grille is a modern sports bar looking to serve quality food and cold drinks.  Here at Crosswind are always looking for the newest trend in food or the latest beer or spirit that we can bring to you.  Staying ahead of the curve means we are leaders, not followers.

Atmospheric Conditions

Variety and Creativity

I am super excited about our NEW menu design and our NEW menu items for 2019. I think our new menu design is both functional and conveys a stylistic and classy approach. It is very much in line with our building's appearance, our staff service and our passion for both  the Golf Links and Restaurant. I think you will really like it. 

The menu continues to evolve. Still many of the old favorites, but closing for five months allows us the liberty to imagine and create. We think you are going to love our new "Side Substitutions " . While many items still come with fries or house chips you now will be able to create your own side including Mac & Cheese, Sauteed Vegetables, Sweet Potato Fries, Mashed Potatoes and Zesty Polenta Squares. That same theory will apply to our Salads where a individual can substitute any of our proteins. Totally customizable. 

Pay close attention to our new items. Crab Cakes with Polenta, Pork Belly Potato Skins, Lemon Caper Chicken, Beer Braised Short Rib, Chicken & Waffles, Southern Cobb Salad, and a new burger called the Last Supper. 

Did you know most food distributed by large companies travels 1500 miles or more before it is consumed? Crazy, right? We try to buy local on many things here at Crosswind to keep our ingredients as fresh as possible. Our meat comes from Green Bay, our produce from Milwaukee, which we can get up to 6 times a week if necessary just to list a few. Buying local, pumps money back into our local economy, we like that and you should too. 

Why It Tastes So Good?

We invite you to give Crosswind Grille a try. First timers will be delighted, return customers reassured that we still have what you want and love. Let us show you what you deserve from a restaurant experience.

What does atmosphere have to do with food and drinks? More than you would think. Atmosphere is a perceived notion (good or bad). We can’t buy atmosphere, we have to create it from scratch. That warm welcome when you walk in the door, the friendly server or bartender taking care of you, it all formulates the expereince. We feel we have created a welcoming and warm environment to comfort people here. The view of the course isn’t half bad either… 

Menu Inspiration