Private Adult Lesson

   *  40 Minute Lesson w/ Foresight Launch Monitor, and Video Analysis $70

   *  2 Pack $129

​   *  4 Pack $245

   *  6 Pack $349

   *  10 Pack $550 (BEST VALUE and includes 9 Hole "Playing" Lesson)

Adult Player Winter Development Membership $109

  *  Running November - March, student receives 2 Lessons per month

  *  Scheduled at student's convenience

  *  Includes 9 Hole "Playing" Lesson on the simulator

  *  Billed $109 monthly 

  *  Great for Swing Changes, Staying Sharp, Understanding Path / Swing

  *  Over 40 players, currently enrolled, max is 50!  

Private Junior Lessons

  * 40 Minute Private Lesson $30 (Must Be 13 or Under)

​​To Book 920-410-3870 or email Tom Olson at

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for purchase for holiday gifts or just purchase for yourself for use in any golf lesson or program. 

​Hit Balls All Winter, Indoors...

Win 2 Hours a FREE Simulator Time for You and 3 of your Friends to Play a Round of Golf. Valley's Most Accurate Simulator Experience! 

Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links

                                                                                                                               in Wrightstown, Wisconsin


NEW STARTING THIS DECEMBER....The Golf Academy will be providing "Sim Time" for individuals to use as a practice session!!!!! Schedule a 30 minute time slot to hit balls ON YOUR OWN! Most of us northern climate golfers don't get a chance to practice over the winter months...

But now YOU can change that!

Hit on the Foresight GC2/HMT during your practice session, and get all of the ball flight and club impact information that you could ever imagine! This is a NEW and exciting program...a 20 session punch card is only $199! Start practicing today!

No One In The Area Can Replicate This Experience...Makes a GREAT Gift!

Academy Pricing