Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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While some golf courses may make this feature optional by giving you the experience for one hole and then trying to charge for the service for the rest of the round, Royal St. Patrick’s will make it COMPLIMENTARY to anyone who rents a cart. There is no fee, no download, no training, nothing! You simply get in your cart, Greg Norman greets you, press a couple customization buttons and you are flying down the first hole, listening to your favorite song.  

How You Benefit?

Each Tempo Golf Car is now it’s own customizable mobile party platform. Golfers who are used to bringing their own speakers and draining their phone battery, can now use the golf car’s built in speaker system and thousands of music channel options. Want to know who is winning the game, or whether your favorite team won last night, constant highlights can be shown. Just hit into a fairway bunker and you can’t get out. Greg Norman can provide an instruction tip to extricate yourself. Not sure where the creek crosses, or how far you are from the green. Accurate flyovers and precise distances are provided through the GPS module. Getting really hungry? Food and beverage can be ordered simply by pressing a few buttons.

How You Will Experience?

Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Links will be one of the only courses in Wisconsin boasting the new Shark Experience platform. Shark Experience is a revolutionary way of using a golf cart to enhance your golf game by bringing connectivity, content and customization to the golf course. Using Verizon’s 4G network, Club Car’s new Tempo golf carts will include an HD touchscreen display and built in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. Features of these little TV’s include: GPS yardages, hole flyovers, music via streaming through Tune In Radio or bluetooth to your own device, real time sports tickers, live and on-demand sporting events including PGA Tour, news, and Greg Norman Tips.  Watch the VIDEO above to really see what it's all about. 

Shark Experience

Downloading The App... 

What Is It?

There is a Shark Experience App for both Ios and Android. Although it's not necessary, there are some added features you might enjoy. Scorecard, Stats, Upgradable TV Viewing options. If you like this sort of thing, go ahead and get the App.