Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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Parent / Child Promo

Golf Specials and Promotions

Golf / Cart / Fish $34

Friday Nights, $34 pays for 9 Holes Golf / Cart / Fish Dinner. Great date night, meet friends, bring the family. Wonderful value, and great night on the Links.

Throughout the season, this page will communicate special rates, discounts, promotions or unique opportunities for those who hate paying what it actually costs. Another thing...we don't believe in allowing 3rd party / outside discount entities to control and pass out our discounts like all other courses do. As an example, getting discounts on golf from radio stations, is like the local hamburger place giving discounts on airline tickets. We think its best that you get all the promotions directly from Golf Course Owner Guy. No misrepresentations, no standing at the counter with conflicting opinions, no price disagreements. 

The best price can be found here in our website or in our newsletter / email blasts. If you would like to get direct emails from us so you don't miss anything including: great articles, videos, tournament entries and promotions, please enter your email information below. If you want to see some of the things we have going on right now...please see promotions at bottom of page.

Every night after 5:30pm, parent and child can play for $6.00 per person. Best kept secret around! Great way to show kids the game at a very easy price. Let's build some golfers. 

Twilight Golf

Every Night After 4:00pm the Links can be enjoyed for $25.00 Walking or $38 Riding. See how mcuh golf you can get in before dark.