There are no places to get breakfast in Wrightstown on a Saturday and Sunday morning and we thought....why not change all that. When the Links opened for play, we also opened Crosswind for breakfast. Of course, you can still order all your normal Crosswind favorites beginning at 11:00am.

Combine some seriously delicious entrees and some fresh clever cocktails, and here is what you have:

​1) You have a great opportunity to get an awesome breakfast before your          late morning round.

2) If you played early, you can now get breakfast before heading for                 home. Sometimes a burger at 10:00 in the morning, doesn't sound            all that appealing

3) Maybe you have absolutely no golf in your future, and you simply want         to have breakfast, we love that too.

4) And let's be real...maybe the number one reason this will sound                  enticing, YOU SIMPLY WANT TO DRINK BEFORE NOON!

We Hope You Enjoy Breakfast On The Links, and We Really Hope You Tell Your Friends

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Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links

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Served 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday