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Seasonal Craft Beer Dinner Experience

Chef Robert invites you to his incredible twice a year Craft Beer Dinners.

What is a Craft Beer Dinner?

This is a 5-Course meal, with each course beginning with a small beer tasting, an explanation of the beer, it's origins, its ingredients, etc. Then Chef Bob blows your mind with a dish that incorporates that very same beer. It's fun, it's exploratory, it's interactive and you will certainly leave satisfied. A great date night, or an evening activity with friends.

These special engagements are limited to the first 50 sign-ups. Guests can book very easily by clicking the button above, and securing their place at the table with a credit card. If your group is more than 4, you will need to process more than one booking transaction. 

If you are not a huge beer drinker, do not fear. This is more of an incredible beer infused meal, than a night of drinking beer. With each event we do, the return bookings increase. Always watch our website! Spots will go fast.  Menu still being finalized, will be announced soon.


October 26th, Fall Menu :

Course 1- Mile of Munich Porchetta

Traditional stuffed Italian pork roast served over beer cheese grits, dunkel pan reduction, on micro green salad 

Featured Beer: Mile of Munich Dunkel

Course 2 - Niciose Salad

Creamy IPA & mustard dressing, Belgian endive, a mixture of blanched and pickled green beans, Yukon gold potatoes, roasted tomato, soft boiled egg, and finished withe grilled fennel and cold smoked trout

Featured Beer: IPA Variant

Course 3 - Poached Spicy Orange Salmon

Fresh Sockeye Salmon fillets poached in a spicy citrus broth, finished with a sweet orange reduction and served with a wild mushroom, spinach, and goat cheese strudel

Featured Beer: Juice Cloud Hazy IPA

Course 4 - Roast Venison Strip Loin

Whole marinated & peppercorn rubbed venison strip loin, sliced thin and served over a Yukon gold hash and roasted caulilini and finished with a horseradish & red IPA cream sauce  

Featured Beer: Rocket Red IPA

Course 5 - Triple Layer Beer Brownie Cake

Decadent brownie cake layered with chocolate espresso cream cheese frosting finished with a scratch made caramel sauce

Featured Beer: Mocha Stout

Craft Beer Dinner Experience