Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
920-532-4300                                                              in Wrightstown, Wisconsin



* At this time , golf sim league can only accomodate right handed golfers, it's impractical to move equipment for lefties between every shot. As demand grows, there are plans for both right and left version

Why Is RSPGL Simulator The Most Accurate?

​Have you been on a Simulator where topped shots go 240 yards, where putting is impossible and chipping is completely unrealistic? Most Simulators merely convey graphics that are enticing, but they lack actual BALL FLIGHT LAWS! 

Why merely be satisfied with firing a ball at a screen when all the Ball Flight information could help you play so much better? Playing Better is What We All Want!

RSPGL Simulator League Data Includes:

     * Shot / Carry Distance

     * Ball Speed

     * Launch Angle

     * Backspin 

     * Sidespin

     * Peak Height

     * Angle of Decent

     * Distance Offline

     * Club Speed

     * Efficiency 

     * Angle of Attack

     * Club Path

     * Face to Target Ratios

     * Loft / Lie

​     * Closure Rate

* Fun Winter Long Sim League, December - March

* League Takes Place in Teaching Studio Building at Northeast of Parking Lot

      -  This is a heated indoor building with bathrooms overlooking the range 

* Leagues Will Compete on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings

      -  We'll add Monday if the demand is there

* Play in Foursomes, current Tee Times are 5:30pm and 7:30pm

* 9 Hole League, Complete with Handicap

* Cost is $30 for Entry and $20 each Week for Golf Round

​Benefits FORE You!

       -  Excellent Winter Escape

       -  A Small Commitment for a Sport You Love

       -  Get Incredible Feedback from Simulator and Teaching Professional 

       -  Improve Your Golf Game

       -  Be a Step Ahead of Your Friends Come Spring

       -  Keep the "Golf Muscles" in Shape

       -  Two Man Teams

       -  Play many Different Courses Including Merion, Quail Hollow, etc

       -  Fun Side Games Running Each Week


Winter Simulator League