Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links
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Why Links Golf is So Different?

The first of two special features that make this Links unique, is the lack of trees. Sure we have some that border the holes or provide back drops, but Links courses don’t have trees and golf was meant to be played in open spaces. Trees however beautiful, are a menace to golf. They cause weak grass growth, they are messy in Fall, they reach out to grab your good shots, but mostly they stifle your imagination. The game played without obstacles can be an art. You can do anything you want, as long as you have the power to visualize and the skill to pull it off.

The second feature unique to our Links is wind. We have some of the widest fairways in Wisconsin; and given the wind conditions, you are free to use every square inch. Wind makes the Links play different every day. Wind may save your ball from flying in the tall fescue grass, wind may dry out an approach allowing you to run a ball onto the green, wind may make your wedge shot spin back, one of the coolest feelings in golf. Wind makes the Links interesting, and the Links was designed for wind. We have a fun saying for all who experience this invisible obstacle:

            I Pray Wind Today, To Be My Friend
            For My Opponent, To Be His Foe
            Where Our Shots May Come Down
            Only God Will Know

Blessed with an incredible piece of Wisconsin broadlands, Royal St. Patrick's was built in 2003 as an inspiration to early Scottish / Irish golf heritage and is completely open to the public.

Royal St. Patrick’s Golf Links is Appleton and Green Bay's only 19 hole Links-style golf experience. Links, originally referred to the swath of sandy unfertile ground that lay between the sea and the usable farmland farther inland. This area was typically treeless and used predominantly for livestock grazing. While we are not a Links course in the truest sense of the word, we do share characteristics found on many of the greats.

We are sand based which handles rain well and provides a fast firm playing condition. Our fairways and greens are rumpled and wavy just like the windswept coasts. Our bunkers are strategically placed, and some offer inescapable challenge, much like the “blow-out” bunker areas where livestock would burrow and hide, to escape the fierce coastal winds.

​​The Links is laid out similar to what you would find on the Scottish or Irish coast. The outward 9 meanders out in a similar direction; only to find the 6th hole begins your long quest back. It is not uncommon to begin your round downwind, only to find both hands on the wheel as you begin to come home. 

The Links

Links Has Personality

Each hole, was given a unique Scottish name such as Faherie Ahaid and Doon ta’ Brae. Each has its own personality and moves within the 500 acres almost independently of the rest.  The holes are framed by pristine lakes and expanses of wildflowers and native fescue grass. Within each hole you will stumble upon additional features that have been named for your enjoyment. Narcut’s Revenge intimidates you on the 5th, and the King’s Casket is buried in the front left corner of the 9th green. Dragon Tooth and Paul’t Pit gobble up errant shots on the 11th and 12th, while Wallace’s Arse provides the final obstacle in completing your quest on our famed 18th. Click here for the Tour of Holes  to study the holes in depth.

Minimal forced carries, and five sets of tees makes the Golf Links a pleasure for any ability. This throwback layout boasts the best conditioning in the Valley. The “Final Four” from the tips might be the best finish in the area. Hole 15 Lang Airn asks for just that, a demanding par 3. Hole 16 measuring longer than 430 must navigate the corner of Kiorglin Lake. Barley Cove lurks on the risk reward par 5, 17th, and Braveheart the menacing 18th hole is all you could ask for. 465 yards from the tips, this intimidating tee shot will surely put a lump in your throat.

Halfe Pint is the Valley’s only 19th hole. Used as a bet-settling bonus hole, or perhaps a tune up to your tour of the Links. Join our tradition of experiencing Halfe Pint at the completion of your round.