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Did You Know?

To ensure we have the best mix of members anywhere, and to maintain a harmonic synergy,  the completion of season, is entitled to vote to eliminate one member for the following year. Typically they target a complainer, a cheapskate, an equipment abuser, things like that. I’m happy to announce that following the 2020 season, no clear choice could be agreed upon, hence no revocation will be announced. Congrats to everyone who kept the year FUN and golf in perspective. Bet you didn't expect to read that!

Senior Memberships

Seniors, we have developed some incredible offerings. We have watched your play patterns, and listened to your requests.

We are super excited about our Membership offerings, especially the "Senior 2 Weekday Value" Pass. While there still are retirees that play lots of golf, we believe there is a great majority that are only playing once or twice a week. This pass is tailored for your behavior and your wallet. It will take a mere 15 rounds to pay for this pass, or another way to say it, you need to play once every other week for the entire season to break even. That's do-able!

Whether you do the Value or the Unlimited, we look forward to seeing you on the Links.  



$ 275.00


The "Classic" Membership every course offers. Players can play 7 days a week, League play is permitted. Passes NOT good for Tournaments and Events. Includes Royalty Club membership.

​$ 1225.00


        Must Be Age 62+

Must be age 62+, good 7 days a week, includes League play, does not include Tournaments or Events. 

​$ 1100.00


$ 350.00


Good Saturday and Sunday, including Memorial Day and Labor Day. Does NOT include Tournaments and Events. Great for buddy group foursomes who plan to play a lot together, but still have jobs!

​$ 650.00


Good 7 days a week, allows the business one tee time per day. Businesses who purchase this pass, designate up to 4 individuals who can bring guests and use that one tee time to entertain. 

​$ 2500.00

Adding Corporate Cart for 4 Individuals:                    $1650.00

Adding Corporate Range for 4 Individuals:                   $400.00

Adding Additional Individual Users (still 1 tee time, per day):

          Golf                                                                 $500.00

          Golf & Cart                                                      $800.00


(Includes Kids 13 & Under)

Good 7 days a week, includes League Play, does NOT include Tournaments and Events. Spouse is included as well as children in the household that are 13 and under. Children 14-18 can be added under Junior Unlimited Membership. Families with inexperienced children should avoid high traffic times, where brisk play is expected. 

​$ 1750.00

If You Have Any Questions About Our Memberships, Do Not Hesitate To Ask. Click Button To Email Nick

"Best Day Ever"

              - Mr. Kevin Smith

                          RSPGL Loyalist

Regular and Family Memberships

Solely Focused on Golf!  

MORE people are interested in making Royal St. Patrick's the place they call their own. Is it the consistency in Golf Links conditions that we have delivered over the last 17 years? Is it the incredible staff that has stayed together for all these years? Is it the incredible food and beverage offerings that satisfy your post round appetite? Is it the cleanliness, the professionalism, the stability, the attention to detail? Is it the passionate Golf Course Owner Guy who is constantly making improvements so your experience is better?

If you are pass holder at another course, ask yourself, "am I getting what I want or what I expect from my membership?" If you're not, I would like to invite you to join Royal St. Patrick's Golf Links. 

All Memberships Are Purchased Online, Right Here, Right NOW! What Are You Waiting For?

Business / Corporate Passes

When it comes to public golf, there is absolutely no better place to entertain clients. We have the total package: great golf, awesome food and beverage service, and relaxed atmosphere. We will make sure you look good and your client feels appreciated.


Good 7 days a week for children age 14-18. Children this age are generally able and encouraged to play on their own. Junior Pass is a great way to keep kids busy in the summer.

​$ 400.00


$ 575.00


$ 325.00


$ 875.00

You will be prompted in shopping cart to add a cart pass to your golf pass. An individual pass buys one seat on cart, the other rider will be required to pay daily cart fee. 


The traditional Monday - Friday Weekday Membership. League play is permitted. Passes NOT good for Tournaments and Events. Includes Royalty Club membership.

​$ 1075.00


        Must Be Age 62+

Must be age 62+, good 7 days a week, includes League play, does not include Tournaments or Events. 

​$ 1500.00


Good Saturday and Sunday after 1:00pm. Designed for parents and their children age 17 and under. This initiative gets "Families" on the course together at non-pressure times. Dads showing up play by themselves or with other dads is NOT in the spirit of the pass. If you don't have children you plan to expose to the game, then this is not your pass. Cart fees additional but not mandatory.

​$ 325.00


                  Must Be Age 62+

Must be age 62+, this pass allows individual to play twice a week Monday - Friday before 12:00pm (excludes holidays). Player can play 9 or 18, and cart fees are additional and required. 

Great way to commit to the Links with your friends, but leaves plenty of golf budget to play other places too.

​$ 325.00

Win a 2021 Membership

Last winter James Whiting won a membership. You can win a membership this year by getting in our winter drawing. Something to look forward to! 

Only one entry taken per person. 

Range and Cart Memberships

Electric golf carts, paved cart paths and cart barn, new range balls yearly, the best targets and turf, with 20 year PGA Teaching Professional on property. Immerse yourself, you and your golf game deserve it.